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Northeastern, LLC has two primary areas of focus; one is working within the commercial sector that has a concentration and focus on working with an array SMB (Small to Mid-Sized) to enterprise companies.

Our emphasis in the commercial sector is on firms within the financial, healthcare and energy sectors. Typically, these companies have regulatory compliance guidelines that they must adhere to. We know these companies also rely heavily on technology in providing their respective services.

The capabilities of Northeastern, LLC and its portfolio of services aligns very well to organizations that have both a limited technology budget with a lack of professional security resources as well as companies that have a multi-million dollar budget with a full-scale technology staff and departments.

We are positioned properly to provide the necessary solutions and resources that will allow these companies to compete effectively in the marketplace knowing that they have a team of certified Security Analysts and Consultants, Application Developers, Project Managers, and Document Management professionals.