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Document & Records Management

Northeastern provides Indexing, Scanning, Data Entry, Software integration, eDiscovery and other services to address all of our clients records-management needs.

By utilizing our archived systems, clients are able to access large amounts of archived material in over 370 different electronic formats; each enabled with advanced full-text search capabilities that can be shared across all forms of electronic delivery media such as: LAN/WAN networks, the internet, and intranet, or CD-ROMs.

Digitization, Electronic Imaging, and Data Extraction

In delivering solutions to meet customer requirements, Northeastern, LLC has drawn upon our extensive experience in designing and implementing records digitization processes to support broader records management and information governance efforts. In practice, this has meant the design and implementation of digitization workflows using high-speed document scanners, electronic document management software, as well as both automated and semi-automated data-extraction and indexing tools. By combining traditional records management and information governance principles with modern electronic document management technologies, our customers are able to better manage their files electronically, resulting in more secure management of records, lowered operational costs, and decreased risk of loss or exfiltration of critical records.

Our Experience

Our experience in this area has provided Northeastern, LLC with the expertise necessary to offer a host of capabilities which can be combined to create a comprehensive electronic document management solution tailored to the requirements of our customers:

  • Archival Scanning
  • Scanning of fragile or historical documents
  • Full preparation of documents (Removal from folders, removal of staples / paperclips / fasteners, reassembly of documents after scanning)
  • Full text OCR (Optical Character Recognition) indexing (for creating fully “searchable” documents)
  • Zonal OCR indexing (for automated forms processing applications)
  • Alternative format scanning (microfilm, microfiche, large format documents, 35mm films, 120 films, large format films, blueprints, mechanical drawings, etc)
  • Automated deskew, auto-rotate, blank page removal, hole-punch removal, automated clarity enhancements, and other post-processing
  • Extensive quality assurance and quality control practices with the capability of guaranteed accuracy Service Level Agreements